Aquaman Except It’s From An Ordinary Atlantean Citizen’s Perspective

The Bastard son of the queen recently entered our grand city, illegally and, when caught and put on trial before the King, his own half-brother, publicly threatened to kill him and then challenged him to a duel so that he could "rightfully" claim the throne. The King honourably accepted. However, upon realising he was losing... Continue Reading →


Another Life

Resting on the edge of the great collapse, It is said that order and chaos peacefully coexist, And that eternity is the only singular truth. So as you pass between space and time remember that, You are only entitled to the sanity you bring with you. Take my hand now, and I shall deliver you... Continue Reading →

The Gallery On Serpedon

In the temple where the fire touches down on the stone, She struck her gaze upon her sculpture in dim moonlight, They came running to see her work with flesh and bone, And prepared to hear from her a whisper of ‘goodnight’, Her works of art exceeded that of all known education, Whilst her looks... Continue Reading →

In Defence Of Superman

Superman. The most iconic superhero there ever is or was. Beloved by many. Criticised by them too; Criticised for being too perfect in his near unlimited power, well kept relationships with those around him and for carrying the favour of the whole world. His one weakness, Kryptonite, often a poor writer's attempt to add drama to... Continue Reading →

My Ten Lovely Children

I love my children, I love my wife, My heart they’re built in, For they’re my life, Our life is modest, But real nice, My faith was honest, Prayer was my vice, But as the sun rose, On a new day, I smelt with my nose, Some smoky prey, My livestock dead-raw, Crops up in... Continue Reading →

Scarlet Winter

Venison, mutton, pork and beef, Were things that had now been absent from our teeth, So that as frosty breath lifted from our lungs, The remedy of taste remained absent from our tongues. When it first became clear that the frozen land would not thaw, Our dirt and our crops would not be saw, And... Continue Reading →

Beauty of the Midnight

I was strucken by dim moonlight, As I came across her under starlight, When she looked upon me in twilight, Staring at me with last night’s gaze. We forgot about morning sunlight, When we drifted where there are no lights, As we held each other oh-so tight, Embracing under yester-night’s gaze. Before the dawn could... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got Your Number

Remember, I’ve got your number. I’ve got no will, I’ve got no power, I’ve got no desires. But I’ve got your number. I’m no fighter, I’m no tough guy, I’m not much of a puncher, either. But I’ve got your number. And with the parting of the lips and twisting of the tongue, I could... Continue Reading →

Survival is Tenuous

Unfortunately the anti-fascist forces were ultimately defeated. Bring pets indoors. Close and lock all windows and doors. Move to a basement. Stay put for 24 hours. An attack on a nuclear facility, Weakness and fatigue. Detonation of a small, radioactive device, Diarrhoea, infections. Detonation of a standard nuclear weapon, Bloody vomit, internal bleeding. Hair loss.... Continue Reading →

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