The Fallout Problem

Fallout. One of the best known and popular RPG games ever made. It features and asks unique ideas in a unique way within a unique world, with unique people to express these ideas. But what's the 'problem'? It's not really unique anymore. Fallout 1 and 2 were great games of their times and very different... Continue Reading →


Thor God Of Thunder: A Return To Comic Books

Ever since I was a small child, I've been in love with comic books. I never followed them to the point where I could tell you the inside details of every character and major event that has ever occurred within their fictional universes; I merely appreciated being able to pick up a comic and enjoy... Continue Reading →

Avengers Age of Ultron Review

Having recently reviewed Avengers Assemble and Avengers Infinity War which are, in my opinion some of the best movies ever made as a part of the MCU, I figured I had might as well also review Avengers Age of Ultron... One of the lesser movies ever made as a part of the MCU, in my... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Watch DOOM (2005)

For those of you unfamiliar, DOOM is a videogame that came out back in 1993 that was the first in a string of games, others including Halo Combat Evolved and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, that forever changed and influenced the first-person genre of videogames; it was a truly revolutionary game worthy of praise. This... Continue Reading →

Avengers Infinity War Review

Avengers Infinity War is a strange film... Somewhat similar things to this film have been made in the past, but nothing quite like this. We've seen ensemble movies before and films with large casts but they're always a to make gamble because so much is happening onscreen at once. These films often become a balancing... Continue Reading →

Why Ready Player One Sucks

Ready Player One is a strange film; It masquerades as an original film, despite having near nothing unique or new to offer the audience, has absolutely no idea what it is, or what's doing and is somehow being well received by critics. What stood out to me most about the film, and inspired me to... Continue Reading →

Story Vs Gameplay – The Last Of Us

Story versus gameplay has always been a topic of conversation amongst gamers since narratives first found themselves being implemented into videogames. But the conversation truly began to rise when Naughty Dog released their hit game, The Last Of Us. Undoubtedly, The Last Of Us was a game that impacted the industry greatly and really resonated... Continue Reading →

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