Wonder Woman Versus Rotten Tomatoes

Wonder Woman is a great movie. A really great movie! It seems like 2017 truly is the year of good superhero movies with Logan and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 already getting off to a good start, Wonder Woman now joins the pile of awesome movies in the genre.

But it wasn’t worthy of a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wonderwoman rotten tomatoes.png

93%? Really? Was this movie good? Yes, very. Was this movie 7% short of being a perfect movie? No! Of course it wasn’t! As good as the film was and as much as is deserves praise, it doesn’t deserve this!

And I know the critics over at Rotten Tomatoes don’t represent critics everywhere or everyone as a whole; No critic does. But they are still a respected source of ratings for movies and, particularly, superhero movies.

I’m going to make a very bold statement right now. I cannot prove it is true. I cannot factually back this up. But I genuinely think this movie got a near perfect score because every other movie in the DCEU has received incredibly low ratings. Now, before you call me a Marvel fan boy, hear me out. I’m going to be objective and fair about this.

Look at all these ratings:



Suicide Squad rotten tomatoesBVS rotten tomatoesMan of steel rotten tomatoes



The score for these DC movies has progressively got worse from Man Of Steel (2013), to Suicide Squad (2016). But it’s not the history of low scores that I think prompted these critics to exaggerate how much they liked Wonder Woman. No, it’s something far more idiotic.

It’s because of idiots on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of media that preach that these movies are master pieces. These people are fan boys and they are a plague on the Earth. The sooner they go extinct the better. They don’t seem to realise it is possible to like these movies without being a fan boy because, well, anyone can like what they want. So let me distinguish between normal people who like these films and fan boys before I take a dump on them.

What Is A Normal Person Who Likes These Movies?
A normal person who likes these movies is just that- A normal person; A person who can confidently say “I liked Man Of Steel, Batman Versus Superman and Suicide Squad. But if you don’t like it, I don’t mind.” These are rational people. They may offer arguments to defend their opinion on the film and discuss the nature of the films reasonably.

But a fan boy? No. You can’t do this with them.


What Is A Fan Boy?
A fan boy is an immature, child-like, insecure obsessive human being, who’s sole purpose in life is to validate their own opinions by putting others down. A fan boy is a person so insecure about their own opinion that they start a petition to get Rotten Tomatoes taken down because they disagree with their opinions… Oh that actually happened by the way: A group of fan boys started a petition to get Rotten Tomatoes shut down for negatively rating DC films. Here’s proof:


Idiots on change.org.png
Here’s a link to it: https://www.change.org/p/dceu-fans-shut-down-rotten-tomatoes

These people are so stupid. How did this get 188 supporters? I just- I want to sleep forever after seeing this. Just look at it! Look at how it’s written! “I’m pretty sure they don’t know shit about the comics“, it reads. Okay so lets think about this: Critics don’t give a shit about the comics. All critics want is a good movie. If you want some amazing frame-by-frame comic book adaptation then I have some news for you… It won’t happen. And it’s not like the film makers care about the comics either since superman literally directs the battles he’s in into occupied towns and cities (Shots fired)!

Rotten Tomatoes is really being nasty“. Okay, let me stop right there because I can already tell this was written by a child. Anyone that uses words like “nasty” or “mean” to describe a company, organisation or any other lager entity is clearly in need of going back to pre-school.

Normal people who like these movies probably agree that the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are bad but, at the same time, they aren’t insecure idiots who want to shut it down for having a differing opinion… Because they’re normal! Oh, and they’re also not offended by people with other perspectives! But these fan boys… These- These fan boys are out of control!

That being said I would agree Man Of Steel, Batman Versus Superman and Suicide Squad sucked. Man of Steel not so much. I’d give it like 60% or 65%; I think 55% is a bit harsh. But the other two movies fully deserve their awful ratings.

Wonder Woman is, in comparison to these movies, worthy of a 93% rating. But in comparison to other films also reviewed on this site and just other films in general, it is not worthy. It doesn’t come close. Just off of the top of my head I would probably give it a solid rating between 68% and 72%. This film is not near perfect at all, it has plenty of flaws. Let’s just compare what the critics seem to think this film is equivalent to…

Star Wars Rotten Tomatoes.png Just look: Wonder Woman isn’t as good as the original Star Wars. Wonder Woman did not inspire a generation. Wonder Woman isn’t an art piece. Wonder Woman doesn’t have an impactful message. It’s a dumb, fun superhero movie; Which is good, because that’s all it had to be to succeed. It mixed some dumb, fun stuff with some semi-serious tones and conveyed its darker themes through dialogue that wasn’t condescending or too dark- It knew what it was doing. It’s a smart movie, but it’s not intelligent or sophisticated. Nothing about it screams or even whispers “near perfect”. It’s not worth 93%.

These obsessive, insecure, easily offended fan boys have, I believe driven Rotten Tomatoes to exaggerate their score. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the critics genuinely did like this movie. I am not accusing them of faking their rating; I am suggesting they may have been driven to simply blow their good opinions way out of proportion.

To finish this I just want to cover my ass and say that Wonder Woman isn’t the only superhero movie to be blown out of proportion by critics. Captain America Civil War, while being my favourite Marvel film, is not worth the 90% it has been given. It is probably around 78% or 79%. It’s great… but at the same time it’s just a fun superhero movie.

These movies aren’t going to the Oscars so, fan boys, chill out and just like the movies for what they are and stop taking these things so seriously.




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