Is The MCU Good? (Spider-Man Homecoming)

Okay so, I thought I’d start something that means I can write more often. I’ll be going through every movie in the MCU and reviewing them in varying length and then ranking them on my personal scale of best to worst. Why? Because I love the MCU and it is full of absolutely amazing films… Unfortunately it is also full of bland, boring, uninteresting pieces of garbage. The MCU is a very 50/50 franchise in my eyes and I hope these reviews I do on the films will help highlight how.

And since Spider-Man Homecoming has just been released, I think I’ll start with that.  Let’s get into it.


So, dude, was it good? It was. It was very good. I put this films quality down to the insanely good portrayal of the character given by Tom Holland. Tom Holland somehow captures the neediness of Peter Parker (Which Toby Maguire had previously displayed so well) and also captures the coolness and wittiness of Spider-Man (Which was Andrew Garfield’s strong-suit.) Whereas Maguire wasn’t as good at capturing the witty, jokey side of Spider-Man in the heat of a fight and Garfield wasn’t good at all at showing how nerdy Peter Parker was, somehow Tom Holland does both. There is this awesome scene where Spider-Man has to interrogate a criminal to get locations of the villains, but the criminal is not responsive because he recognises how unintimidating Spider-Man’s voice is. There is then this witty-banter between the criminal and Spidey, and Peter’s personality shines as we see him trying to overcome that natural awkwardness he has by trying to be enthusiastic about the situation and intentionally optimistic, despite it not really working out. It’s a great scene where we see Spider-Man and Peter Parker as one character. This is important, I think, because we normally see Peter Parker and Spider-Man portrayed as two different lives of one person, in previous Spider-Man films, but here we get a fresh take where we can really see how they blend together.

The casting for Tom Holland is 10/10. My personal opinion is that Toby Maguire was a thousand times better than Garfield and, though I don’t think Holland is better than Garfield, I would definetly say he’s as good as Garfield in his portrayal and acting. You can tell that Tom Holland really cares about this role and wants to do it right, he’s putting in 110%.

But, I hear you ask, what about the villain? What about the Vulture? Is he another generic pile of crap like Malekith, or Ronan? I mean villains are Marvel’s weak point. Well, let me be the first to say that while this guy is no where near as good as Loki, as he is a bit lifeless at times, he is definetly the best villain we’ve seen in a long, long time from Marvel.

The vulture

Why? It’s because he’s a small scale villain. This guy doesn’t want to take over the world or kill the Avengers, or shoot a big blue laser into the sky; He just wants to sell weapons and use the money to provide for his family. His motivations are very clear not like some, *cough* Ultron *cough*, who want to kill people because the internet said humans do bad things. And the Vulture doesn’t lose in this movie because Spider-Man finds his ultimate weakness or because Spider-Man punches him into submission; He loses because he gets to greedy; He gets so greedy that he nearly dies trying to steal some Stark technology and Spider-Man saves him, despite just being beaten to a pulp, and then the Vulture forgives Spider-Man for stopping him because he saved his life, and because he recognises how greedy he was. In the end credits sequence, he is approached by someone, who I can only assume is the Scorpion (because he has a scorpion tattoo, and talks about being stung with venom or something, so I think my guess is justified), and this guy asks “Yo, do you know who Spider-Man is so we can kill him?” And, by the way, the Vulture does know who Spider-Man is but, instead of selling him out, he says, “Nah, dawg, I have no idea who that guy is.” It’s just refreshing to see a villain who has humanity and isn’t just a mass murderer who has a total disregard for human life. Even after finding out Peter is Spider-Man, he says to Peter “I’ll let you live because your dating my daughter and saved her life, just don’t mess with my stuff again. If you do mess with my stuff again though, I’ll kill you.” It’s so nice to not have a merciless, generic villain. This guy can be reasoned with and it just makes him more believable.

Also Michael Keaton sells this roll. I mean, for the most part, he is just another Marvel villain that isn’t too special, bar a couple of scenes that show another side of him as I mentioned above, but that’s more down to the writing of the character. Just like Tom Holland, Michael Keaton really seems like he cares about his roll, and it shows. There is a really awkward, uncomfortable and funny scene where Peter finds out Keaton is the father of the girl he’s dating and it is in this scene that Keaton shines as an actor. And I know this isn’t a perfect film… It’s not getting Oscars to anything, but the fact these people are giving such care to their performances really impresses me and I respect that.

As far as the negatives go the romance was awkward and a bit forced. It was established that Peter likes the girl, Liz, but it was never established she liked him. It was hinted at once, I think, but aside from that the only reason she dates Peter is because he asks her to the Homecoming dance and she’s like, “Well I guess so because no one else has asked me yet.” It’s whatever though, because it leads to that awesome scene between Peter and Vulture I mentioned above. It’s weak… but it works for the plot. I think they should have put more effort into it, but at the same time I’m glad they didn’t make it a primary focus.

Side notes… Every god damn thing I read seems to be hyping up Zendaya’s role in this film. She plays the character Michelle Jane, who is an homage to Mary Jane. People seem to be hyping her role up to be massively impactful. I mean she’s a side character who is just there for a bit of comic relief, just in Peter’s friend group. Ultimately she means nothing to the plot of this film. She has a place, don’t get me wrong, and she’s a good actress; I’m not trying to be negative to her, but the media is blowing her role out of proportion. Her role is ultimately tiny, so don’t go in thinking she means anything big. That being said, I did laugh when she gave Peter the middle finger at the Homecoming dance.

Then there’s Flash and… God. He is absolutely fine in this film. Nothing is wrong with him. But because they made him a smart kid instead of a dumb jock, all the idiotic fan boys are like “Oh my god you ruined his character. He has to be a jock, have a football and-” Oh shut up. His role is to bully Peter, does it really matter if he’s a jock or a nerd as long as he does the bullying? No! It doesn’t. Stop criticising comic book films for changing the most insignificant tiny things. Some people were like “Flash isn’t black though in the comics”. Like, who cares? As long as the actor does a good job portraying the character and playing the role (baring in mind he has an incredibly minor role in this film), who cares if he’s black, white, Asian or a fucking Martian? People are like “It’s 2017 so we have to accept that there are 72 genders”, but then go “Yeah, no black actors can portray minor roles of white comic book characters who ultimately mean nothing to the over all plot”.

Let’s start something new: “Black actors and actresses can play white comic book roles without fear of idiotic fan boys complaining about race.” It’s 2017. There’s 72 genders, 100 different sexualities and at least 500 objects you can sexually identify as, so lets just let actors of all races play roles of all races. The only examples of this I think wouldn’t work is if they made someone like Tony Stark black, or Black Panther white… Those wouldn’t work because their race does matter- Tony being a rich, white American guy is important to his character, just as Black Panther being a black African king is important to his character. In that crappy Fantastic Four reboot though, casting Johnny Storm as black was okay. Why? Because Johnny Storm’s race isn’t important to his character at all. A fucking bacteria cell could play Johnny Storm and, so long as it was under a microscope and could somehow talk, the character’s personality wouldn’t change at all.

Anyway, let’s get back on track… Overall this film is at least a 7.5-8/10. As this is the only film I have reviewed so far in the MCU, it right now stands at number one best film. Obviously, as I review more this may change, so here it is:

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Go out and see this film, please, I beg of you. If you are a Marvel fan you will love it. If you’re not and you’re just some parent who is dreading seeing it, but you have to because your kid is obsessed, I can guarantee that even if you don’t like it, you’ll certainly find something in it to laugh at or enjoy. Solid film. One of the better Marvel films. Keep it up, Marvel.




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  1. Marvel could definitely benefit from including more small-scale villains and disasters in their films. Most ‘bad guys’ aren’t out to rule or destroy the world but merely to build something for themselves, much like the Vulture in Homecoming.


    1. I agree. If every villain wants to dominate the world or blow up the galaxy, when Thanos finally wants to do it then it won’t be as impactful because we’ve seen so many try and fail before that we’ll become desensitized. So small scale stuff is refreshing. It’s like that saying; less is more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree. I also hope they dont turn it into a CGI playground. I want it to look and feel real. I know a film like it is probably going to be rammed with it, but as long as it still feels authentic I can forgive it.

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